Mar 6, 2020

Systems for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, I developed a system (website) that updates the latest data and cases in user-friendly way.


My script collects the data every few minutes, from the website ( using parse the website HTML code. In addition, the data taken from many trusted sites like Ministry of Health official website.

My site provides detailed data about the CoronaVirus-cases in Israel. furthermore, there is a map that shows the places and the times where CoronaVirus patients were (from the last two weeks). Nearby cases can be searched by current location / address.

Telegram Channel - COVID 19

I created Telegram channels (in Hebrew / English / Italian) that automatically send worldwide updates about the COVID-19. Like the site, the system collects the global data, and when the system detected any new change in specific country, sends a message to the channels. for example:

    New alert from - USA, France:

    Corona virus | USA, 936 more people infected, 38 patients recovering, and 4 new deaths. In addition, in France, another 155 people were infected and 9 new deaths were reported.

GitHub: Telegram-COVID-19-Alerts (My PHP code)

More than 7,500 people are following the messages on the channels.

Mobile App (Android/Iphone)

First, I developed an app for Android users, where you can get push notifications about the latest updates, by countries (option setting countries for updates). In addition, list of all the latest updates, and option to view a live world map.


An app was then developed for ios devices as well, but due to government and global considerations, I decided not to publish the app, to make the Ministry of Health as the "official" source for updates.

Israeli Ministry of Health response

After developing the app and systems, I contacted the Ministry of Health in Israel, to try to help them develop a data system during the epidemic. This is the email I received:

Israeli MOH

Translation: "Well done for the initiative, thinking and investment! You are a great example of the talented and high quality youth we have...We will consider and discuss your interesting proposal and if relevant, we will contact you".

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